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I would rather see us play a couple more PAC12 teams than a bowl at this point, partly because the 1st 2 got cancelled. A test against ASU would be good. AZ and UCLA probably good to get the confidence up. I’d even be glad to have a chance to play TDS and show them what a real defense can do against their underthrown long balls and weak RBs.

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Hey EddieR…you were saying BYU’s mistake was beating the Sun Belt teams and then slammed Iowa St? Why don’t you come back here and tell us how great your mighty cougars are? Oh that’s right, you are a troll and will never come back to UF.N again until your pussy cougars beat a couple of cupcakes by 40 points and think you are all tough! Suck it!

I told you that #14 was a very generous ranking by the CFP and now it looks like that was a little too generous.


A little to generous? One of the biggest disrespect to college football ever. The talent it takes to get close to the top ten is something significantly different than their roster. Look at recruiting rankings.

Wait till they play some P5’s next year. Unbelievable how many were fooled. Doesn’t help that they have a contract with ESPN who has to prop them up. Coog fans were eating it up. Shocking that they are exactly what they always were. Same coaches, same talent. Scheduling completely down is their only answer and always has been.


Let them have their fun. Reality will bite them in the backside soon enough. The only thing I’ll give BYU credit for was building a schedule out of nothing. Come next season when they play P5 and upper tier G5 teams they’ll get beat pretty regularly. All 2020 did was show just how weak their recruiting is.

Yes they’re still better than most G5 teams, but not good enough to consistently beat more talented teams.

We were in a similar boat not so long ago, our recruiting improved. BYU’s talent is pretty much capped unless something miraculous for them happens.


This season has shown why the P5 needs to break off from the G5. You can’t compare the two. G5 have an exponentially easier road to undefeated and beating one or two P5 teams a year proves nothing.

Has a G5 ever gone 3-0 where they had three P5 games in a row? I’d bet the answer is no. They just aren’t deep enough to do that.

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How far we have come from 04 and 08. I agree that G5 schedules are generally easier but plenty of P5 teams have easier schedules too (ahem-ACC-ahem). Utah struggled much of 08 and ended up slaying a giant in the bowl. I love the Cinderella teams. Let these underdogs play! Plus the PAC12 doesn’t have much to stand on the way we have represented the last few years.

What is the point of this response?

In 2004 and 2008 we had incomplete information. We were wrong in 2008 and 2004.

This idea that one can never adjust their opinion when more information has been made available…I don’t get it.

I don’t think Utah 04 or 08 go undefeated in a P5. They weren’t deep enough. Their starters were just as good as anyone. But if they had to play 3 P5 schools in a row…I’m not sure they are still undefeated.

And back to my question: has a G5 school ever won 3 P5 games in a row?

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Do your own research instead of throwing out a strawman. It’s unlikely since rarely can they get a schedule of 3, let alone 3 in a row, but it’s not really a strong argument.

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You are wrong about this.

Whenever I hear utah fans bag on our two greatest teams, they inevitably use some of our worst teams as “evidence”. The '72 Dolphis are overrated because the '04 Dolphins sucked.

Eh. I do my research, post it on here and you guys go silent and forget…then two months later it’s the same old tired arguments again and we go round and round.

The answer is no. G5 programs, no matter how good their starters are, aren’t good enough to go undefeated with 9+ P5 games. They aren’t deep enough.

Which is why they need to break off. You are comparing apples to raspberries.


You use our 2011 season as “evidence” that our 2008 and 2004 teams coudn’t go undefeated in a P5 conference. It’s not a valid argument. There is no solid argument against our 2004/2008 teams.

Doesn’t sound like you do

Either way, I get the premise of your argument. I agree that most of the time, depth is lacking, so only in special years where there are no injuries, could G5 starters go head to head with anyone in the country when everything lines up (recruiting, development, coaching, schedule).

BUT, you are arguing all P5 should breakout for this reason. Usually there are up to like 3 teams that go undefeated in P5 each year. Only 11 teams have ever gone to the CFP (6 years - 24 spots).

The argument is this. Most P5 teams don’t have the talent or depth to go undefeated either. So for Vanderbilt to get let into the breakaway club and Cincinnati to be left out doesn’t make sense. Maybe restack all the schools and then break away, but as is, top G5 are definitely better than bottom P5, by far.

So keep pushing your opinion like it’s the only one out there and balking when other people have other opinions. Keep bringing it up in various threads. Boring.

So - I just happen to know of a “G5” team that is 3-0 after three P5 games in a row. And two of those P5 teams were ranked when this G5 team beat them!

I do agree with the comments that depth is an issue for the non-P5 teams. These conversations about G5 going undefeated in a P5 conference are kind of silly. Most P5’s don’t go undefeated in a P5 conference. The question should be more along the lines of - can a G5 be competitive in a P5 conference. Obviously most of them cannot. But the good G5 teams have the talent to at least be competitive. They do lack depth, for sure, and would need some luck to not be too beaten up as the season progresses.

BYU is somewhat lucky that these three P5 games were at the beginning of the year and they aren’t missing too many starters due to injury quite yet. But the games are definitely physical, and attrition can become an issue even for the P5 teams - aside from those at the top.

BYU is in a unique situation that literally applies only to them. They’re a bit of an outlier in the current college football world.

Every other G5 school plays 1-2 P5 schools, then a conference slate of G5 opponents. Hence the comments about an “easier road” to the playoffs.


Please, Please, Please let BYU in the playoff.

I agree!

As a BYU fan, I think that would be cool. Because that would mean that BYU ended the regular season undefeated. We all know that’s the only way they would ever get in - and even then it would take a lot of other teams with multiple losses. But that would make for a very fun season of football (for me, at least).

And honestly - every playoff one of the teams gets smoked in the quarterfinal game. Might as well be BYU.

I went and looked at BYU’s schedule - they have a pretty good shot at running the table with who is left, until they get to USC. Virginia and Boise St might challenge them… and Utah State is always good to be a sleeper when it comes to BYU. But the rest should be outright gimmes.

Point is, if there was ever a season for BYU to do it, it’d be this one (well actually last season was most likely). Then again, BYU’s wins - just going by the scores, don’t look like definitive wins over anyone either. So we’ll see.

If Algiers doesn’t get that punch out fumble (which was amazing by the way) was the ASU outcome different? If Brewer doesn’t throw a pass 8 yards above Covey’s head… same thing? I didn’t catch even highlights of Arizona.

I haven’t listened to sports radio in maybe… 8 years. I was borrowing my FIL’s truck today, and switched it from KSL to ESPN700, Bill Riley had a poll on who had the most surprising record. I think most expected BYU and Utah State to be 1-2 or 2-1 at this point and Utah to be 3-0. This is a weird season… I’d enjoy it while it lasts cougar fans, I honestly don’t think the tide is turning.


Joining the B12. You can be the new Oklahoma.

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