Can someone give a quick breakdown of who we are rooting for today?

What wins and losses have playoff implications that favor us?

Root for LSU, tOSU, Oklahoma State and Auburn.


If you are worried about Bama then you better also be rooting for Wisconsin and Kansas. Minnesota and Baylor could cause a nightmare scenario

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How does an Ohio State loss negatively affect Utah?

It doesn’t. Sometimes broadcasters use a shorthand to convey an idea. It’s possible that the Big Ten gets two teams into the playoffs. But the only way that is likely to happen is if a 12-0 Ohio State loses to an 11-1 Minnesota. As a Utah fan, you want OSU to win that potential Big Ten title game so broadcasters use the shorthand “Utah needs Ohio State to win out.”

That isn’t true, however. If Utah is 12-1, and Ohio State (11-1) meets Minnesota (11-1) or Wisconsin (10-2), Utah is not in danger of being blocked by a second Big Ten team.

By the way, the exact same thing is true for LSU. If LSU loses to Texas A&M today, then Utah isn’t hurt by that either. LSU is not getting into the playoff if they lose today and next week against Georgia.

Today, you want upsets outside of the Pac-12. In the Pac-12, you want the favorites to win, especially Utah and Oregon.

Edit: Also, root for Stanford to upset Notre Dame.