Cam Rising out

I feel really bad for the kid, after he sat out all of last year and now he’s not getting a season this year either. I guess the silver lining is that 2020 there is not really a football season, so being “out for the season” might not mean as much as it would if he were missing 12 games. I hope he gets well in time for the spring, and that post-vaccine, he can have a real shot it running our offense next fall.

I also feel for him. I think it means a little more than it usually would because every other QB out there is getting a free year of practice/experience.

With his injury, he may not be ready to throw by next August or September.


Yeah, this is Bentley’s team now and we will bring in a transfer QB when all the FR 4 stars start bailing from their teams to come in this spring and try to get eligible and compete for the job.

I recall when Jordan Wynn had shoulder surgery. He had such a live arm before the injury, not so much after. I don’t recall what injury Wynn had, but it sure deflated his career.