Cal state game

Things I’d like to see tonight.
We have to shoot the ball better from outside. Our bigs need to rebound there butts off every game.

I still think they can open the offense up more. Would love to see Worster and Sanders in more pick and roll situations.

Get Ben Carlson going. He has been dreadful offensively in the last two games. We need him to be serviceable offensively to have a shot.

Less, one pass and shoot. When we had lulls in the last game, it seemed to be because the ball stopped moving.

Brandon Carlson passing out of the double team. He was able to bully ball last game. That won’t happen against real centers. When the double comes get the ball moving.

Stop playing walk-ons so much. End of the game blowouts … fine. Big programs don’t play walk-ons.

Heads up for those that like to park at Rice-Eccles and take TRAX to the Hunty, or over at the VA hospital lot, High school FB playoffs going on. Not sure if you can park there for $$$$ or not at all, but be warned.


Utes pitching a shutout 14-0

27’-14 utes missed an extra point

I hope they’re kicking it out of the end zone and not giving them a chance to return.


Joe Cravens - “Gabe Madsens been hotter than a Texas parking lot”


In other news, Furd losing to Wiscy. Furd has Adam Keefe’s son on the team.

For those of you not there in person, a miracle occurred about 16:00 min to go in the game. Someone in Authority finally figured out that having the same stat board video up kitty corner to each other meant fans could only see duplicate info. They changed it tonight and now you can see the two different feeds. It only took three years to figure that out.


That was a fun game to listen to. Go Utes!

Streamed it on P12N. Kids played a good game. Better energy this time out. They still look a little out of sorts running plays.

That stated, it also reminds me of last season before we ran into the buzzsaw that was our conference schedule. We thought we looked good, then WHAM! There were a lot of factors that fed into that pole axing, but let’s just say unless we progress more (and faster), we might be looking at another long, painful one.

Glad we won a game we were supposed to win. Happier it wasn’t a close one.



Wrong thread, but you’re right.

What yahoo put that poster together? Many of those guys aren’t seniors.

But Whitt said some (maybe 8) will be honored today as possibly leaving