Cal Game Thoughts

Just a few thoughts on the game, overall another complete performance on both sides of the ball.

Ludwig: I realize it may be in part the players and their stage in development but what an improvement over the last several years. Night and day change in scheme and execution. Honestly I was expecting the team to need a season under him for a full implementation of his scheme but the transition has been seamless. Outside of the first few games, which I get are mostly vanilla offense, his play calling and the teams execution has been impressive.

Huntley: He is a different man this year. Way more accurate, better rusher (when healthy) and has better touch on his passes. His pass to BT for the TD was extremely impressive. An absolute dime, right in stride and right on the hands. Very impressive all around. The kid is a baller and plays with a lot of heart. He has really matured, good for him.

O-Line: Granted haven’t faced USC like d-line in a while but they really seem to be coming together and playing well when it counts. Next week will be a huge test but so far I like what I see.

D: As a unit, wow. Not sure how much more to say. I agree with what others have said about Bernard. He has REALLY stepped up as a player and leader. But as a unit they are very impressive. Fun to watch an aggressive dominate D.

Kicking: Big drop off over the past few years. Punting has been so-so, no more big booming punts that pin the other team deep. FG - 50:50 at best. Hopefully the entire unit improves and quickly.

WR/TE: not much to add, Kuthie continues to impress (except for a drop), BT has had a breakout year. Overall slow improvement.

Whitt: Fir the first time in a long time seems to have an O to match the D. I realize that a lot of this comes down to having a lot of experienced players on both sides of the ball but still, nice to have a balance. Nice call on bring back Ludwig - HIRE LUDWIG


I didn’t think we’d end up playing our bench players at half but we did. I see the Huntley/Moss duo being pretty well invincible if they are both healthy. So praying they are healthy next week. Our D has had a 4 week lights out A+ streak.

But our kicking game is sad. I think it can get better but punts and field goals shouldn’t worry me like they do. Hoping we aren’t close at the end of next week’s game because I am not confident that a last second field goal would work out for us.

Easy solution…win by 7!

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Easier solution. Win by 7…touchdowns!

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I agree about the kicking game. Punting protection is sketchy. I think Lennon is affected by it. I heard pre season if anything he was a better punter than Wish.
Gratefully punting has not been a major deciding factor.

Field goals . . . Kyle downplayed last night’s miss, saying a slight count delay affected the kicker. Seemed clear to me he was trying to support a fragile situation and not pile on criticism. Against a stout red zone defense, no reliable field goal kicking could be the Ute’s Achilles.

In his post-game interview with Riley, Kyle took the blame for the FG miss. He said he shouted some instruction to the kicker just before the snap – I don’t recall what it was. So there’s that.

Lennon appears to kick his punts higher for greater hang time, but not as far. He’s good, but not great. I am just amazed at the change in Huntley. No more being a run-first QB. Stays calmly in the pocket, no happy feet waiting to take off, and methodically checks off his options. Makes me wonder how far we could have gone last year had Ludwig been here.

I like the way you think!!!

I agree with you about Huntley he has been amazing this year. The play that really stood out to me was the dunk pass to Moss in the first quarter. In years past he would have just tucked the ball and ran with it but now he is keeping his eyes downfield and making smarter plays with the football! Its been fun to watch!

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I’d like to issue an official mea culpa and sincere apology to Tyler, he is currently a far better quarterback than I ever thought it was possible for him to be. I hope he gets all the recognition for all he has accomplished, it truly is a stunning transformation and a testimony to his character and will to win. He has turned me from a doubter to a complete fan-boy, and ashamed I ever doubted. Well done Tyler Huntley, I am stoked you are the Captain of our ship!!


couldn’t agree more! I’ve been harsh on him and his development but he seems to have progressed by leaps and bounds this season. Surprising what a good OC can do for a program… Only took a season or two right?

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I do love what Ludwig is doing, and am not downplaying his contribution. That said, what has impressed me about Tyler is his ability to execute. Maybe some of that comes back to coaching and schemes, but a lot of it is the upgrade of his body and I believe a lot of work that he has put in off the field. He has turned himself into an elite QB. But on the subject of Ludwig, I have flashes back to the UM days where the offense just seems unstoppable at times. It’s fun to watch, hope the boys can stay healthy and keep it rolling. Big games for us and Oregon this weekend.

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