BYU-P...the more they try, the more they shoot themselves in the foot

I don’t mean to make this about religion. They just need to realize they are different and stop trying to “belong”.

Wow, I saw something about that on Twitter today, so I read the complete talk. This headline is not accurate at all.

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Do you have a link to the talk? I’d be interested to see how it differs from the headline, which does feel sensationalized.

Just goes to prove Groucho ritght…

Never be a part of a club that would want you as a member.


The full talk is at the end of the article:

“a church elder railed against LGBTQ+ rights.”

That’s not even close. Whatever else might be said about his talk, no one can accurately say that.

The “muskets” piece was 100% metaphorical and was taken from a Dallin Oaks speech. Using a firearms image might not have been the best idea, but it wasn’t about guns.

That Yahoo piece is so poorly done that it has me in the unfamiliar position of seeming to defend BYU. I’m not. Just defending accuracy.


the bottom line is that fighting against LGBTQ acting upon their desires is widely unpopular and a losing battle in the current social climate. And that isn’t changing anytime soon. Unfortunately, many of those who support similar stances about LGBTQ views seem to generally take it a step further and lose the basic Christian principles of treating one another with love, compassion and respect. At a point in the near future, I suspect the LDS Church will be the last organized religion to maintain this stance. That will be an incredibly difficult time to be LDS. I struggle trying to explain this stance frequently with those in and out of my faith.


Lots of BYU to BIg-12 rumors again this morning. This might finally be the time when someone plugs their nose and takes the Cougars.

Can you imagine the meltdown though if the Big-12 passes on BYU for the third time?

If they do join the Big 12, I will look forward to the ongoing, earnest arguments from BYU fans that the Big 12 is better than the PAC 12.


Why not, independence is better than being in the PAC-12.


Good point. I’m not sure that in the Big 12 they can get the same fabulous TV deal they have now.

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I think it finally happens for them. I figure the Big-12 needs 4 more teams. The candidates are Memphis, Houston, Cincy, UCF, USF, Boise, and BYU (am I missing anyone?).

Memphis, Houstin, UCF, Cincy, Boise have all been better than BYU for the past 5 years, but BYU clearly brings a larger audience than any of these teams.

Check out the “truck stop” conference: Stillwater, Waco, Ames, Manhattan…Kansas, Lawrence, Ft Worth, Lubbock, and Morgantown. Provo would fit like a glove. They should add Tulane just to have at least 1 good destination within the conference.

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I can see them blowing this. They will go into negotiations acting like Texas and come away with nothing. And I will laugh.


I would think San Diego St. might be on that list - new football stadium, great recruiting area, solid athletics, great location?

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They could just absorb the MWC and the AAC and become a 35 team juggernaut.

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That isn’t a truck stop. I wouldn’t want to live there (and I have), but the stockyards for a football trip would be cool. I’ve been to every other town mentioned, save Morgantown, and eh – no thanks.

Memphis is okay, I’ll be visiting soon, and the BBQ is very good. In fact, I’ll probably take in a football game. Possibly even travel to Oxford for the day. It would be a fun football destination, but the atmosphere at the Liberty Bowl is horrible. Tulane would provide a fun gastronomic weekend. Nothing special about Cincinnati. Tampa beaches could be fun in October/November. There’s nothing worthwhile about Orlando. Boise is a scoop of vanilla. Played many softball tournaments in Houston. It’s a toilet.

is it a coincidence that they get an invite almost immediately after created an ‘Office of Belonging’?

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I mean, it’s all relateive, right? None of these places is LA, Seattle, San Fran, Boulder, or even Salt Lake. But compared the current Big12, Memphis, Cincy, Houston, Orlando, and Tampa are all Shangri-La. That’s why Provo is a must add - it’s the only option that fits so well.

Someone on Utehub dubbed it the BYU OFFICE OF BELONGING, or the BOOB.


There’s an exquisite post on CB:

"The expansion dynamic of a struggling conference"

  • Hard to blame current schools for seeking more stable conferences to move to.

  • Hard to blame potential members for seeking stability / assurances from current schools that the whole thing won’t fall apart.

I can think of nothing more hilarious than Holmoe announcing the B12 had not provided sufficient assurances of remaining intact to send Cougarboard nation into full psychological detachment.