BYU agonistes 2019

If you want to see how hard Utah’s success is hitting the crowd that inhabits one BYU board, take a look at this thread. I haven’t spent time there for a while. It’s remarkable.

This did not age well.

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Never heard of that board.


“If Utah wins next week they are in. BYU fans will hate it and utes will drink more of our tears as we watch another 4 years Kalani and we continue to slide into college football purgatory. Sorry it’s just how I see it.

Go ducks.”

Their tears are delicious!

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Lots of really good, decent guys there. Also lots of good, decent guys who would fit right in on Cougarboard — true-blue Cougar fans — but for their desire to discuss issues they have with the LDS Church, which wouldn’t be welcome on Cougarboard. Not a place for the great majority of Utes fans.

I’d argue that 90% of that board are sanctimonious pansies. It’s nice to see them squirm in their schools mediocrity. And things just seem to be getting worse for them. My prayers have finally been answered!


I love that board as well, but mostly because they hate LAUte soooooo much (or certain posters there). It’s like hating Santa Claus.

It also reminded me of a t-shirt I want to make for BYU fans that had their favorite saying. On the front would be the Y logo and on the back it would say, “The PAC-12 is not that good.” They say it to themselves about 100x a day to soothe themselves.


I fly for a major Airline and am through Salt Lake City quite often, nothing pisses off TDS fans more than when I’m saying goodbye to the passengers and one of them walks by with either a Y hat or Y shirt and I give them a thumbs up and say " Go Yale"


I would give you a thumbs up for that.

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