Bummer, Devonta'e Henry-Cole transferring

expected to transfer to either BYU or USU

Too bad. I thought he was really coming along. Maybe he saw (or was shown) the writing on the wall.

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Not unexpected. Hope he goes to USU and kills it. Seems like a great kid.


Well, good luck to DHC. I hope he goes to USU, just seems a better fit IMO.

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Any pair of shoes in Shaq’s closet is a better fit than byu-provo :joy:


I heard his girlfriend goes to USU. Can’t see him being desperate enough to go to Provo.


Hes going to byu.

It doesn’t matter. He’s very fast and fun to watch when he has the ball, but he’s small and he can’t block so he won’t see the field a ton at TDS either.

He’s a “tell”. When he steps on the field he’s going to get the ball. He’s a liability when he does not have the ball.

Anyone remember Troy McCormick? Similar skills. Same issues.

Best of luck to him. For his sake, I hope I am wrong.

And for whatever reason he really seemed to drop off in effectiveness this past year compared to the year prior. I agree, it seemed everyone knew what was going to happen when he came on the field. Can’t block, so he’s gonna get the ball.