Brutal L.A. Times write-up of the UCLA game

This ‘graph stood out to me:

“A lot of our guys had their minds set on the Pac-12 championship after this week,” Thompson-Robinson said, “and I think that’s really what it was, we were looking too far ahead instead of focusing on the task at hand, so I think now I see it as a very humbling moment for our team.”


I’m sorry but even if UCLA focused on one quarter at a time they still would have been manhandled. They were outclassed in every regard.


And it’s not like we didn’t give them opportunities either, with the fumble on our own 20 and that miscue on the punt. They just weren’t very good.


The Ruins aren’t the team they “think” they are. They “think” their talent can beat teams just because they are rocking the UCLA logo - they can’t! Especially not in the PAC 12, and especially not against a championship contender.

Their coaching did them no favors either. After DTR gave up the fumble touchdown, after throwing that god-awful pick in the end zone, he should’ve been benched. Instead Chip 2.0 keeps him in and he keeps the turnover cash register running. Our team played lights out, but DTR made that possible - and Chip Kelly enabled it. If the Ruins don’t beat U$C next Saturday, Kelly could be looking for a job.

Our guys hung a great style point win on these guys. They deserve their praises and their status, Next week in Tucson they can exorcise another demon by blowing up and burying the Mildcats.



Exactly @Greginslc.

I’m actually confused with the fact that they thought there was a legit shot at the conference championship. Yes, technically if they won out they could have made it, but did they simply not watch film on the other teams leading the South, much less Utah? They believed their own hype so much that they were able to look that far ahead? That’s some serious delusion.


I think I’m the next heavyweight champion of the world.


Enjoyed this quote from the article, too:

“UCLA’s defense also faltered badly against Utes running back Zack Moss, who left cleat marks all over the artificial turf and the Bruins’ psyche with one big play after another. Missed tackles were just part of the problem as Moss amassed 181 of his 200 all-purpose yards by halftime.”

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A 4-5 team was “looking past” an 8-1 #7 team on the road? Um… Am I missing something? That is pure comedy.


I hope they lose to SC. I want our loss to look as good as possible. And it doesn’t really matter if SC wins out because we are winning out also.

They’re divas. They have all this talent but don’t work. This is a weak excuse. And this is why they will not win the south. Not this year. Or next. Or the year after.

I was still confused and had to look up last year’s game to see if maybe we lost and I didn’t remember.

We won 41-10. So I looked at the year before and kept going back:

2018 W 41-10
2017 W 48-17
2016 W 52-45
2015 L 17-9

So if just about no one currently on the UCLA team has beaten Utah, how are you looking past them? That’s not a good sign for their program and is some serious crazy talk.


An epic beat down that left the QB with a strange shell-shock look on his face and a RB crying on the sidelines. And these losers were mouthing off before the game about showing who the tougher team was. Go Utes!