Bruce Feldman - I think Utah is the most underrated Power5 program in CFB

Still true 3 years later.


Heh! I should have looked at that date! Oops - but probably more true than ever. I don’t recall ever seeing a defense so dominant at Utah, and that is saying a lot.


No, it is a great statement. I was struck by just how HUGE our LBs are. Kyle Whittingham was a prototypical college LB in the early 80s, and played in the NFL.

Yet looking at him next to Devin Lloyd, Francis Bernard, Sione Lund, Hayden Furey, and Maxs Tupai (LB/DE), Josh Nurse (DB), really shows how LONG and strong they are. They are very tall, with long arms and legs, and are absolutely solidly built, and they are lightning quick.


Being underrated is bad but good.

Being overrated is bad that gets worse as the season goes on.

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I would honestly like to be in the top 25 BUT underrated every week until the last week…every season. Keep us on the scroll but feeling just a bit disrespected so we stay hungry.