Briton Covey Three Seasons of Eligibilty Left After Starting in 2015

2021 we could see Tyrone Young-Smith and Briton Covey as starting WRs, they were our starters in 2015, and Covey would still get to play in 2022.

That cracks me up. Starting slot reciever in 2015. Who is your starting reciever in 2022? Britain Covey, in his EIGHTH year in the program.

Covey is in a weird spot. IF he wants to play in the NFL, there is a role for him. The NE slot reciever is a guy who can be small. BUT Covey has to show he can stay healthy. No team would waste a spot on a small, slow reciever who can’t stay healthy. Because of that, I think he plays this year and next guranteed (unless he goes Murphy on us and that isn’t smart). He has to show he can be strong and healthy.

But 2022? Unless he gets hurt, and I think we all hope that doesn’t happen, I don’t think he will be here. But it’s still pretty funny.

Now Smith…that’s a tougher road. We are actually pretty stacked at WR right now.

Covey - three more years
Dixon - three more years
Enis - three more years
Nacua - two more years
Thompson - three more years
Vele - five more years
Young-Smith - two more years

Plus the TE’s.

Hopefully Thompson or Nacua or Enis absolutely BLOWS up this year and heads off to the NFL. But this weird year has made everything…weird.

Forgive the ignorance, but is this season a free year of eligibility for players? I guess I hadn’t heard that if that is the case.

Yes, and what a shame Tyler Huntley wasted his redshirt year in mop-up duty and a bowl game, he could have been playing this year and next.

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Holy hell. Could you imagine if we had him for two more years? Sheesh. We would have been LETHAL this fall.

That being said, last year he had some holes in his game and Bentley is a very, very similar player to Huntley but he can do some things Huntley couldn’t do. It should be a fun year for the offense.

Ludwig won’t be able to do some of the thing Huntley could do with his legs but we should have a bigger passing playbook this fall.

How about redshirting Moss in 2019 when he played behind Joe Williams? Maybe he would have gone pro after last year anyway v