Bring on the Aztecs: Utah vs. San Diego State 2021

Last night I watched the BYU-Utah game again. The Utah defense was on the field a long time, but particularly in the first half, they did well actually. Utah’s offense lost a ton of momentum twice, once on Brewer’s first interception and then later on Thomas’ fumble. In both cases, Utah was on the move. Utah lost and lost proper. That is to say, no excuses. KW took the odds and lost on the 4th and 2 near the goal line. We’ve seen that gamble play out with the same results at a Cal game a few years back and at least one other game in recent history. Had Utah kicked a FG, the score would have been tied at that point. BYU maintained its intensity through the game and perhaps the lack of experience noted by Nick Ford for the OL spelled the difference. BYU’s creative blitz’s were not countered with short yardage sweeps, or end arounds. A fatiguing D in the 4thQ could not contain QB Hall, who along with their RB made great personal effort plays to keep Utah’s offense off of the field. I thought when Utah pulled the score to within 6 at the 8 or 9 minute mark left in the game, that the D would hold, Utah would get the ball back with 4 minutes on the clock, march down the field with at least one unsportsmanlike penalty, score a TD and with the extra point come away with a 24-23 victory, in classic fashion. BYU did not allow that to happen. Good for them.

But after watching the game last night, my sense of dread for today’s contest with SDSU eased some. I agree with @Ma-ake that the Utes have a lot of ground to make up for today, and I expect them to do that. Both teams today are built on tough physical Ds and on offense, the run game. SDSU is 49-2 when they rush for more than 200 yards. So expect smash mouth football; Lloyd and company have their work cut out for them this afternoon. SDSU’s first string QB is not expected to play, but the next guy up is actually very good. Yet if Brewer can be accurate in his passes and his receivers make catches, make his progression reads just a bit faster, and avoid another interception, Utah’s passing game could be the twisted key today.

Utah 21-SDSU 17.


I was just reading that San Diego State’s starting quarterback may not be playing today.

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The backup Lucas Johnson #7 is a San Diego kid who went to Georgia Tech, then came back home. He’s had some injuries, but is a talented athlete, 6-3 / 215, SR. Both QBs are would-be seniors, they’re dual-threat, know how to run an offense.

Last week the starter Brookshire #4 had the best passing game of his career, going 10-14 for 183 and 2 TDs vs Arizona. The Aztecs are a run-first offense, so I expect them to try to sustain drives and look for opportunities to do damage through the air as Utah’s D tries to take away the run. The long pass to Romney last week must have them salivating, so our coverage guys need to internalize that lesson.

The biggest thing for us defensively is to just get off the field. I believe we’ll be able to do so.

Nick Ford needs to make sure the blocking calls are solid. Letting linebackers run free up the center is a recipe for getting to QB2. Also, you can’t get your running game loose when you don’t get guys blocked.

The receivers have to make catches. In the first two games there were too many drops. In the past those drops would’ve gotten the receiver “promoted” to playing DB. These guys know how to catch the ball. They need to do it.

Finally, feed Bernard the rock. Magic happens on offense when our RB chews up a defense. He can do it, so let him do it.

The defense will be OK. They are very young and still learning. Hopefully we see improvements.

Utah 28, SDSU 18.

We don’t have a great track record against back-up QB’s recently. Let’s break that trend today.

Locked and loaded. Heading to lovely Carson for some tailgating with my nephew and family who are driving down from San Francisco.

Would it be over-the-top to wear my “INVITATION ACCEPTED 2010 Farewell Tour” tee shirt?

GO UTES!!! Smash the Spazz-Techs!!!


Envious, @SanDiegoUteFan!

Plenty of Utes in the tailgate lot. Looking like we’ll represent pretty well here. Let’s do this!

Watching the SC game. Jaxson Dart is killing it. He’s awesome.

I agree with this analysis somewhat, but I don’t think the impetus to make changes here is on Brewer at all. It’s also very interesting to me that Covey confirmed in an interview that they “got conservative” after the initial turnover. I don’t think we’re seeing Andy Ludwig with a free hand here. He’s just so much better than this total lack of creativity and aggression. This is a KW-calling-the-shots offense that we say vs. BYU and we can’t let that happen again. Brewer needs to get in a rhythm and they need to use him. He’s the most skilled QB they’ve had since the Sugar Bowl version of BJ.

Huntley is our #1 Pac-12 QB, and it’s not close. It would take something amazingly unexpected for Brewer to pass him.

First-off, I said “most skilled” not most accomplished. So you’re striking up an entirely different debate than what I claimed.

But really let’s talk about Huntley while at Utah. He had a total of 8 or 9 games (spread across 2 different seasons) where he was a functional, Pac-12 level passer. The rest of the time he retreated to his first-read, then scramble / hold the ball instincts. And even at those best moments, he did not at any point display the quick release or ability to read through progressions that Brewer has already. Brewer is a better QB. If I had a choice of which one to pick to go back and have for four years, it wouldn’t even be a question.

Well, we can all be grateful that you are not on the coaching staff.

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I really don’t want to believe this. It could be true, okay. I just don’t want to believe this.

Right because they are so great at identifying and developing QB’s? BYU has plucked two guys out of our back-yard now that Utah didn’t even recruit and developed them into better QB’s than we’ve seen at Utah in a long time (Zach Wilson and Jaron Hall)

This word has been out for a long time locally that KW does this. Asst. coaches have anonymously outed KW for this. When you see during the course of a Utah season (or often even during the course of a game) that they suffer a setback and then get really vanilla and run-heavy in the playcalling, it’s usually because KW is dictating offensive plays. I don’t believe for one second that the offensive playcalling vs. BYU represented Andy Ludwig making his own decisions.

Let’s DO THIS!

More issues w/ Covey and Brewer not on the same page :thinking:

Did anyone else notice how they kept the camera trained on Brady Hoke that game. We started laughing how much they’d show him, but basically between every play.

Had a wonderful tailgate with my nephew and family who drove down from San Francisco. Great food and beautiful setting under a nice shady tree.

The weather was perfection.

Our seats were on the 40 yard line at row 20 behind the Utah bench in the deluxe session with nice padded upholstery.

Everything figured to set up for a perfect evening. To our dismay, he first three quarters were a dumpster fire. Our offensive line is horrendous. Brewer never looked comfortable.

Losing to a Mountain West team that produced only 248 yards (IIRC) total is a massive embarrassment. I heard an SDSU fan on the way to our parking spot yell, “Thanks for the scrimmage Utah! Nice warmup game for us!”

Hoping that Rising can inspire the team and help turn things around for conference play.