Bring on Phil Knight U.! (fka the Oregon Ducks)

I have asked a similar question on a couple of occasions. This is the first time I have heard this line from Whittingham.

To be clear, this implies that we were left out of the running for a necessary prime QB transfer because the extent of the injury was not revealed.

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Im not sure how “ACL” tear winds up ever being a recovery in 6-9 months, instead of 9-12 months optimal. In medicine, we talk about the tincture of time. You can’t grow carrots in a month. Cam’s not ready and our next best player got a liver lac. Nate is developing and Brysons doing his best.
Whit should have let me walk-on, but thats another story…
This year was the perfect storm of insult upon injury. Let’s play our best season and hope for a decent bowl game win


Unlimited NIL money for Oregon. How did I not see this before now?

Oregon’s Insane Recruiting Run Funded By Unlimited Nike Money (

Free agency can always be a bust if you don’t evaulate your signings as to whether they work with your team.

Oh wait, we are talking college not pro football… never mind.

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Yes, the “Interchangeable Part” theory doesn’t work. I am sure many schools will make this mistake again and again, spending millions along the way to roll snake eyes.