Brett McMurphy's Bowl Predictions

I’m not sure the pecking order below the Holiday. Prediction is that the PAC-12 will not be able to fill the slot in the Cheez-It Bowl.


The only way the Cheez-it Bowl could be filled with a PAC-12 school is if Oregon St. upsets Oregon or if Colorado upsets Utah, neither of which are very likely to happen. If somehow Colorado won, it would eliminate the P-12 from the playoff and force all conference teams to slide down a notch, and leave the additional bottom team searching for an at large spot in a bowl. I’m sure the PAC-12 could live with not filling the Cheezy Bowl if Utah were to go the Peach/Fiesta and Oregon to the Rose.

If I can have make cake and eat it too, it’d be nice to matchup against LSU instead.

These predictions are perfect, and history will show that:
Utah sneaks by Ohio State in a defensive battle. Video later shows Urban high five-ing Andy Ludwig and Cam Rising after Urban sneaks into the offensive booth to watch following his Fox half time show.
whOregon, does what it needs to do against, well you know… the Pen, er, Penn…
Southern Cal over takes a hapless Baylor, because research institutions ALWAYS eclipse religious schools.
Iowa curb-stomps ASU, because Iowa is a REAL football school, a REAL university, and ASU is neither.
Leading by only 3 points, the Washington coaches and team start the second half by throwing dozens of chairs at the Indiana team, from ALL THE WAY across the field, startling them so that they concede,
WAZZU coach and offensive savant, Mike Leach, observes that WF gives up fewer yards rushing than passing, and decides that ■■■■■■■■■ we’ll only run”. Throwing not one single time, the team records an all-time rushing yardage game for WAZZU, and wins 21-20.
Cal closely scouts the opposition, including everything about their lifestyle and culture, and decides that Las Vegas is no place to spend any portion of the cold winter holidays. The entire Cal team, all coaches, and families spent the holiday on the beach in balmy Boise, while the Boise State team watches other bowl games on TV from their hotel rooms wondering WTF happened to their opponent.

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