Breakdown of the 2020 Schedule (assuming it happens)

What does everyone think? (Stay away from the Kool-Aid while you’re responding to this.)

I think there are 4 (90% + chance) wins on the schedule: Montana St., @Wyoming, Oregon St. and Arizona. There are also 4 probable (70% chance) wins: BYU, @WSU, @UCLA and @CU. I think in the remaining games @Cal, USC, UW @ASU the Utes have about a 40% chance to win each. If I were a betting person and the over/under was 7.5, I would take the over as I believe the Utes will win at least 8 games. I think they lose one of the @WSU, @UCLA or @CU games and likely go 1-3 in the games I do not favor them in.

I agree with most of that though I think our chances of beating UW are more like 60%. We beat them without too much trouble last year at their place. They lost their HOF coach and NFL QB. They could very well e better this year, but I see no reason to predict a loss there. Also, I think ASU is more of a 50/50 game. They lost their stud WR and RB. Yes, we lose a lot as well. I’m not predicting a win here, but we were better last year, and they lost at least as much production as they did.

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