Bogut and Smith were taken first in their drafts

Which one had the better pro career?

Bogut got some rings. Smith got sent through hell and saw a Super Bowl. In the end, he may have a shot at the HOF.


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Bogut was heading for a special career until he had a series of big injuries. We’ll never know how good Smith would have been had he not spent his first decade as a punching bag in dysfunctional San Fran.

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Smith is one of my favorite Utes and he had a great pro career, all things considered.

But HOF? I don’t think so.


Getting Washington to the playoffs after suffering what all in the league considered as a career-ending injury. The comeback alone should receive mention.

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That man may be a first-ballot HOFer. Sterling Sharpe isn’t in which is suspect but I don’t think they can keep Steve Smith Sr. out of the Hall. What he did in Carolina was unbelievable. Not to mention the franchise has zero players who played significant time with them in the hall.

Bogut, was a good NBA player. No doubt SSSr. was the better of the two.

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Wrong Smith, but you are correct. Stevonne Smith HOF player.


Holy Hell. My parents butcher the spelling of my brothers common first name. From here on out he will be Steve. I did not expect that spelling.

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