Blech - Outage Update

Hang in there, we’ve had some sort of weird failure and a couple of corrupted backups - things are spotty right now and I’m trying to figure out what is up - but I did have to roll back to a backup a couple of days old which means we may have lost a few posts. Don’t worry, I’ll be happy to recap my political whining.

Stay tuned. Is this the part where I blame 2020?

I’m warning you–if any of my posts are lost I’m going to have a field day about it when Festivus rolls around.

(Seriously, thanks for fixing this. And yes, it’s a perfect 2020 thing.)

So, that was part of the 504 gateway error? Sorry that it happened. I’m glad you guys know what you’re doing. I sure don’t know much about the software side of things.

That’s a vast overstatement.

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Damn! Those were my most profound posts ever. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It actually looks like I caused a screw up because I misidentified a DoS attack, but things cascaded from there.

I recently did an update that was problematic and was causing the 502 and 504 errors and putting big strains on the server. This was a week or two ago, but I got it fixed. Then I did what I thought was a minor upgrade yesterday, and then we had the problems of the evening, which without looking under the hood looked eerily similar to the problems I had a week or two ago.

Because I have been pretty slammed with work I assumed it was that minor upgrade resurrecting the past problem, so without investigating further I rolled back to a backup - but that backup was corrupted. It wasn’t until I got to a 3 days old backup that I discovered a backup that was valid (I do them daily).

But while I was going through that process I thought I had nuked the entire site, which was not a happy feeling - I have some older server images so I guess all was not lost, but at 3am it sure felt that way.

So, once I got the three day backup restored, the 504 errors began, server load was REALLY high and so I investigated further. Tons of hits on the site from Russia. I guess all of our DJT jokes caused some blowback.

So… I could probably retrieve the past couple of days posts with a little work, but honestly don’t think it is worth it given the pay. I’ve also done a few things I should have done from the get-go but didn’t because this is mostly a hobby to me, although I feel an obligation to keep things running here smoothly to all you donors.

I’m running our domain through Cloudflare now to help with attacks - I should have done that from the get-go. I’m modifying the backup frequency and where they are stored and will run tests on the backups periodically. I’ll also schedule some server images as a backup to the backup through Amazon Web Services. I’ll also not rush to conclusions in the future and look at the logs before I take action.

In short, a comedy of errors really that in the professional world might have resulted in my termination (which is why I typically leave the development to my developers) but I’ll do better next time. My apologies.


The shutdown here forced me to have to visit Utehub yesterday to see if there was any discussion of the hoops game, which was highly traumatic. I hope that doesn’t happen again.


You can’t taste the sweet were it not for the bitter…


@RockerUte Do you need a donation to help out? I am sure the subscriptions for all these hardware and software solutions runs a bit of coin. Happy to contribute if you need.


Is it a good thing, this is not the Apprentice. :smiley: