Big hoops game this afternoon vs Cal

Cal was also picked near the bottom of the PAC. They are off to a 4-4 start, including a win over Oregon State.

Conference home game vs a mediocre team is a must win if the Utes have aspirations of a .500 finish. It will be tough with the Utes all banged up.

Everyone get out there and support the team!

Wishing I could and couldn’t even give my tickets away on this forum. Sigh

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Carlson warming up, testing the ankle :pray:

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what a clank fest early, tied 2-2 in the first 5 mins

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The Utes found a way to win despite a bunch of factors working against them. Good sign. And wow, Both Gach showing long flashes of greatness.


That can’t be right. He only shows up once every 3 games :wink:

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Almost like being at a private party today: 1,000 in attendance?

Ugly win, but to quote Craig Smith: “its more fun than losing”.


I am cautiously optimistic. He really seems to have put everything together these last couple games when we had nowhere else to go on offense. Big question is, what will that translate to in a more normal scenario.