Big 1G starts football in October

Will the Pac 12 remain a Spring Football League?

maybe, but PAC12 conference mgmt loves to follow instead of lead. Doesn’t help that Cali has the entire state locked down for most things. Saw a headline, I think this morning, or maybe yesterday that USC was begging Cali to open stuff up so that they could play some football. I may have read that headline wrong I was looking for something else and never went back. Forgot about it until you asked this question.

I could see the PAC12 jumping in to play football this fall without fans in the stands.

USC players penned a letter to California’s governor to make their case for allowing the public schools to play (keep in mind the restriction on contact sports in CA and OR is for state institutions, thus doesn’t apply to Stanford or USC).

Another complication of course is the fires. No way could the any of the CA, OR or WA schools be practicing or hosting games right now…that’s eight of the 12 schools.

I read one where Disneyland & Universal Hollywood were asking as well.