Big 12 passes on BYU, will go with plus-one, 10-game football season


Wait until the MWC and AAC jump on this bandwagon. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Could TDS play Olympus, Highland, East, West, etc?

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Holmoe is probably trying to schedule away games with a few Big-12 teams as we speak. That would get his schedule up to 8 or 9 games perhaps.

They really need to just swallow their pride, give this independence thing up, and go back to the MWC.

I think all those teams are busy trying to reduce their schedules from 12 to 9 games. They have to cut 2 of their 3 nonconference games already. I don’t think they’re necessarily looking for someone new. Maybe I’m wrong.

Makes the most sense - keep teams they already have scheduled and eliminate the others - my guess too is that the schedule is going to come out and that non-conference game is going to come at the start of the season for all the schools so best case scenario is for BYU to pick up one game.


I don’t feel bad for the byu admins or fans. I do feel sorry for the players. All the work they put in and most likely won’t play this year.

Of course I don’t think anyone is going to play this season unless it’s moved to later winter/spring.

Yes, of course you’re right, they each already have three games scheduled, of which they need to eliminate two. BYU is hosed…

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“Hey, MWC, it’s BYU. Will you take us back? We want to throw our weight around and dominate you all again in administrative matters. And hey! We’ll fill up your seats with fans!” :grin:


I’ll bet Olympus is camped out in their heads too. :grin: