Best one-liners from CAL's message board on Saturday

CAL has the most likeable fanbase in the conference IMO. I grabbed some of their best one-liners from Bear Insider:

Good news is that if the power goes out, I won’t miss anything.

Brasch being called QB of the future after Q1 going 2-7 for 11 yards.

I’m sure Utah was waiting for us to run that play yet again.

Kyle Whittingham looks like he intermittently fasts too.

Really would’nt mind if the power went out now

FS1 being very mean

I think our defense needs more whiteboards

Utah is playing with us like an old doll.

You know what this game needs? A Utah pick six or scoop and score. Those are fun.

So far, we have 42 yards of offense (4:40 in the 3rd). If we improve on this, we’ve got a shot.

At what, 43 yards?

Utah’s Defensive Coordinator has more tv time than our offense.

Look at the bright side: every team in the country is going to want to play us to pad their stats.

It’s just so boring. It’s good background scenery for pumpkin carving

This game is officially more embarrassing than the Cheeze-It Bowl.

KW is merciful. To be clear they let us off the size 50 hook tonite out of mercy.

Cal, the team that allows conference opponents to get their 2nd string QBs plenty of reps in the second half!

I regret that I have but one vote to give this post. I really did laugh out loud!


Lessons for our base to learn.


Cal is a quality program on all levels.

So when we’re losing… someone needs to start a one-liners thread, even if just to take the edge off

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