Best NBA careers for former Utes

Depending on the criteria.

injuries derailed Vranes NBA career otherwise he would have had a good one, although Chambers was the better player.

One other name that hasn’t been mentioned is Pace Mannion. Anyone remember the Pace Mannion fan club:

Pace Mannion Fan Club[edit]

In 1983, a group of Rice University students at Wiess College started the Pace Mannion Fan Club after watching him trip over his own feet while taking a breakaway layup during the NCAA playoffs. The fan club would attend Mannion’s NBA games in Houston and occasionally San Antonio, and would scream for Mannion to play, normally only to see him get a few minutes of floor time.[1][2]

On January 14, 1986, Mannion and the Utah Jazz came to play the Houston Rockets, who had a 20-game home unbeaten streak. About 125 members of the Pace Mannion Fan Club attended the game.[1][2]

The fan club cheered “Pace, Pace, he’s our Mannion” all night. Utah coach Frank Layden sent Mannion into the game early in the fourth quarter. By the time the game ended, Mannion had 13 points. The Jazz won the game 105–102.[1][2]

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For whatever reason, Kuzma’s true talents did not seem all that apparent when he was at Utah. He certainly has blossomed in the NBA.

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Started all 3 years, and led team in scoring all 3 years. Led team in rebounds last two years. Second in all time scoring and first in rebounds. Avg 27 points per game, highest in Utah history by a wide margin and as a senior 38 ppg and 15 rpg. No other Utah player can apporach those numbers. Only two other players in NCAA history achieved that. Wilt and Big E. Two time consensus all-american, Led Utah to one FF, and as a senior led Utah to a #7 ranking. Holds record of 6 of top 10 scoring games, including 60 vs BYU. Holds record for top two rebounding games. Fun fact: He was the first black basketball player at Utah.

I can’t think of who pushes him out of the all-time Utah team as I figured KVH, McGill and Bogut were locks by position, and KVH and McGill were locks without considering position, but, you must have someone in mind and I’d be interested to hear who it might be.

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No way you can keep McGill out of the top 5. Only two time consensus AA, unless some one in the Arnie Ferrin years was.

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Greatest nickname for sure. Bill “The Hill” McGill. I want to say it again and again.

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Billy McGill was also in Bruce Lee’s last movie, Game of Death, along with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

I was just saying that it depends on the criteria. Here are some options:

  1. Best stats as a Ute
  2. Highest honors as a Ute
  3. Impact on the game
  4. Best NBA career
  5. Who would get picked first in a draft right now?

I’m not sure McGill is a sure top 5 by each of those criteria. In general, I’m a fan of separating the modern era from the rest in these lists.

My old boss was friends with Billy McGill and talked frequently about what a freakishly good athlete he was. For example, he had never played ping pong before, so they showed him how and immediately he started destroying all comers. Just a natural innate ability to master physical challenges.

I find that sort of stuff really cool, and pretty true. Most college level athletes I’ve ever met are pretty much good to great at everything sports wise.

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didnt know where to put this?


Take it back - Jimmer is NOT a bust! There is at least one article every month about him in the Deseret News, and people in Provo are now huge fans of Chinese hoops!


Well, it use to be at least 10 articles a day, so maybe the Desperate News has finally come to terms with Jimmer the Bust.

They seem to have moved on to Taysom and this fall it’s going to be 20 daily articles about Zach.


The thing that makes me laugh about that is all of the people in Provo who have no idea (yet) what it is to be a Jets fan…

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As good a place to out this as any. Ready the whole thread if you have Twitter access, it’s worth it.


Andre Miller on a podcast with Quentin Richardson


Andre is my favorite Ute of all-time.


Tom Chambers. Hands down.

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World Champion Kyle Kuzma.