Beautiful throw and catch

Who’s the next Utah wide receiver to make it in the NFL? That’s one position group that the Utes haven’t had too much developmental success. I’m guessing we’ll see that change as the QB position continues to improve. Huntley, followed not too long after by Rising is a good start, and the Utes are certainly bringing in better and better talent. Seems only natural that some guys who may have underperformed on past teams will have the chance to shine with guys like those two throwing the ball.

The progression has been slow, but Utah has been trending in the right direction, really during their entire time in the PAC-12 (even with some down years here and there). It’s actually pretty amazing to see how Utah went from being a team that really leaned on their defensive line to win games, to being very solid almost everywhere. If it happened overnight I’d be afraid that it all goes up in smoke as soon as Whitt retires, but for all the grief we’ve given the guy (myself included at times), he really has done a great job with this program - at least, in my humble opinion, but I’m as armchair as they come, so pile on if I’m wrong.