Basketball Roster 21-22

With Kellier, Lahat and Battin in the portal, the remaining scholarship players are:

Plummer - Sr. ( will not count against scholarship numbers if he returns
Allen - Jr.
Brenchley - So.
Carlson - So.
Jones - So.
Miki - So.
Pelle - Fr.
Martinez - Fr.

Ute signees are:
Lazar Stefonovic - 6’6" wing from Serbia
Norbert Thelissen - 6’7" SF from Netherlands

As of now, we have 4 open scholarships. Needs:
At least 2 big guys
2 wings who can shoot
A head coach and 3 assistants.

We may need a PG. Jones really regressed this year. Larsson could adapt to the role, I suppose.

I agree. No knock on Rylan Jones, who could be phenomenal next season. Utes need a good point guard.

Also, would not surprise me to see a few more players exit. I hope not, but if they did it would be an interesting baptism for the new HC.

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Still lots of time for some of the others to transfer. I would think many of them are waiting to see who the new coach is before deciding what to do.

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Just saw on FB that Plummer is leaving. It just said “moving on”. Don’t know how credible it is.

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I don’t get why you would make any decision until you had met the new coach. A lot of these kids are getting bad advice.


Plummer has been very open. His family is struggling in Puerto Rico (Dad, Mom, and four siblings) and he wants to start sending money home to help the family ASAP. His goal has always been to get a pro contract somewhere and start making money.

Just a guess, but maybe he got an offer.


All the best to Plummer and his family. He has played 4 years of college ball (hopefully he earned a degree) and is likely eager to start assisting those close to him.

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I don’t fault Plummer at all for getting paid, but I think my point still stands that it makes sense to wait to see who the new coach is, and certainly a week isn’t going to hurt him. Also, as mentioned, I hope he has his degree.

But yes, thanks Plummer for the time here and all you contributed, you’ll always be a Ute.

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