Back the Pac: Bowl games 2022-23 for other Pac-12 schools

Oregon State has started the Vegas Bowl well. They forced Florida to go 3-and-out on the first drive of the game.

Florida returns the favor and forces Oregon State to go 3-and-out on its first drive.

Florida missed a field goal. The score remains 0-0.

Martinez going out for Oregon State would be bad.

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Nice defense there.

Oregon State looks dominant on both side of the ball, Gators offense looks ineffective. Utes vs. Gators should be an easy home win in SLC next September for the Utes.

Florida’s offense hasn’t looked that bad. They’ve just stalled around the 30-yard line.

I say that and then the very next drive, Florida’s O-line completely screws the pooch.

Agreed but Utah was the better team going into Gainesville this year and it just didn’t work out for us. When the weaker team has talent you never know how things might shake out. Especially on the road though.

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Wazzu with some insanely stupid decisions in the first half. Down 7, they went for a 4th and 1 from their own 23, and didn’t get it. On the following drive, a completely unnecessary hit out of bounds that gave Fresno a first down, and they scored a TD to go up 14.

Just bad, bad decisions everywhere.


Oregon State extending the lead, looking strong.

That will be a good win if they can hang on.


Wazzu being embarrassed :disappointed:

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Oregon State with the blocked punt, setting up a scoring opportunity.

Touchdown! The Beavers have got this.


Granted it’s not anywhere near the same team or situation, but it still bugs me that we lost to this Florida team.


You and me both.

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it looks like Florida drew up their game plan at thr blackjack table

Pat McAfee is annoying as hell. Sounds like Herbstreit is trying his damndest not to throttle him.


Fenwick has been playing pretty well in his place.