Attention Tailgaters! The Pig Bus is teaming up with BYU fan Cam Treu from Bam Bams BBQ to do a special tailgate to honor Aaron Lowe and Ty Jordan

There will likely be some BYU fans in blue coming through the tailgate lot to support this event. Let’s all do our best to welcome them for this special occasion. Also a lot of groups are planning on shutting down tailgating around 7 to allow everyone to get into the stadium well before the team takes the field. I would encourage everyone to get into the stadium early to give the team a really loud welcome. It’s been a really difficult time and I’m sure they would appreciate it.

I will gladly brew them up a fruity drink :wink:.

Whether they will be able to walk out of the tailgate after drinking it is on them. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Did this happen? How’d it go?

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Cam brought some tasty brisket and pulled pork. I only saw one or 2 other BYU fans aside from Cam’s family.