ASU recap, Offense

It was cold, it was rainy… it was… AWESOME!

One of the best things about sports is the opportunity for redemption, and Utah football got a much needed shot of that last night.

And our 3 unforgettable Hallendale warriors got their own redemption - within the game - in showing how in overcoming our own self-inflicted adversity we were quite a bit better than the score indicated.

All is well that ends well.


We knew ASU was going to be much tougher defensively than we’ve seen this year, and they were just that. It was really tough sledding for the offense - credit ASU’s defense 90% and a brooding Mother Nature gets 10%.

Moss gets the game ball - and is a leading MVP candidate for the 2019 Utes - but it was a team effort. Ludwig called a really good game, especially in the first half, and Huntley executed it well. When TH got roughed up, credit Lisk for filling in well, and then later, Jason Shelley did pretty good, and got a warm up for probably more snaps, maybe even next Saturday.

Jaylen Dixon’s TD on the fly sweep was huge, as that play hadn’t been working well, and the blocking by the WRs was simply excellent. I thought on a few plays if the ball was thrown shorter, or if Dixon cut off his route and came back on the ball, there were long receptions to be had for #25. (Oh yeah, he’s just a Soph, folks.)

The hard work put in by Jim Harding and our O-line all spring & summer, and especially in camp, paid off when Paulo had an injured wheel, with Simi Moala flipping to the LT position, and Nick Ford showing off his versatility in moving to RT. Lanterman got well deserved quality snaps.

When Moss was getting cleared after the cheapshot even #4 knew was wrong (as he slowly walked toward the locker room during the replay), Brumfield was very effective in going N & S, later in the game when it really mattered, and Wilmore got exposed to what it will be like going against top-tier PAC defenses.

The stats won’t show it, but Bryan Thompson is another warrior, Kuithe & Fotheringham came up big when needed. Vickers was right in the middle of the contributors that put up 21 on a stingy defense, when the turnovers weren’t even.

Great recap, as always.

My only additional thought is that Dixon needs to secure the ball a little better when reaching for the pylon. He’s now had two VERY close calls This season between scoring the TD and fumbling through the end zone. I was a little surprised last night’s wasn’t reviewed.


I agree with a lot you had to say. Where I don’t quite agree is the tough sledding for the O against the ASU D. Before TH was injured and Moss had his bell rung. THE o was moving the ball well. If not for TOs we would have been up by another couple of TDs.

As for the near fumble on Dixon’s TD, Dixon was a runner, as soon as the nose of the ball breaks the plane of the goal line it’s a TD, no matter what happens after.


Asu gave up yards in the first half but they did force two turnovers. Those weren’t give aways, they were takeaways. That was the tough sledding, I’d say.

The O did a nice job keeping their heads up, shrugging off the TOs and finishing on other possessions.

And of course our D made even tougher sledding for ASU’s O.

Kyle ball wins again.

It’s a fair point - the strip of Moss by Crosswell (?) was tough. Zack had ripped off a 60 yard run after catch. On the 2nd TO, we were moving it pretty well, then Simpkins got stripped.

Those were gut punches, but our D made them non-consequential, especially the fumble by Huntley where which happened in terrible field position.

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The halftime stats were something like Utah 247 total yards, ASU 47 total yards. That is domination on both sides of the ball.

One thing that really stuck out to me is just how exceptional Kuithe is all around. He has fantastic hands, he absolutely trucks defenders, and he is quick.

But in the short run blocking plays he is elite level. He explodes off the ball to get into position (often coming from the other side of the line), and then holds DEs or LBs at bay until the RB is far downfield. That was very interesting to see.

All of our WRs right now are blocking the way we have dreamt of in past seasons.