As long as my surgeon clears me to go I will be at the game Saturday!

It would suck to break a 40 plus year streak of home game atrenfance due to some pesky back surgery issues

If your mobility is limited, call the ADA office and see if you can switch your regular seats out for an ADA seat. These seats are limited, but they will work with you if they can (and you don’t have to sit in a wheel chair). After my lumbar surgery, it took me a LONG time to get from my seats to the concourse level in the Hunty; there is no sense climbing any more stairs than you must.

Last fall, I had a broken ankle, and it took some time to negotiate the system, but when I finally got in touch with the right people, they were very helpful, friendly, and supportive. Handicapped parking is a fiasco - I took an uber to the front steps (elevator) - if you have a handicapped pass, they will let Uber drop you off there.

Thank God, this season, I’m back on two feet (no scooter) and the back issues are long gone. It is a delight to walk a couple of miles from my house to the tailgate lot, visit with all sorts of friends, or random Ute fans, and walk home at the end of the game.

Hope you’re at the game this week; that is too long a streak to have broken over something that i hope is manageable. Hope you are also back on the bike and back in the waders in no time!

Go Utes!