Article on Sean Miller and other NCAA basketball coaches

NYT, March 2nd: At Arizona, Truth Without the Consequences.

You know, I’m apparently so naive that I should be put in jail - it’s a wonder that con artists aren’t lined up at my door.

Here I’ve been going along thinking ever since this story broke AND the Self, Enfield, and Miller, etc. group were untouched, that quietly in the background, the NCAA was doing their job, conducting some sort of internal investigation, and eventually, the other shoe would drop.

It becomes more clear everyday, even to a fool like me, that no such shoe will EVER drop; that arrogant PRICKs like Miller will not only get away with these sort of mis-dealings, but prosper; even prosper disproportionately. It seems that the more crooked you are, the more sort perverted respect everyone (particularly recruits and their parents) have for you.

Takes all the fun, or what little is left of it, out of college basketball.


I thought they might go after Enfield as he not a big name–but it is USC.

Not surprised by this; the question is do they still do it. Did Pace get paid?

Why would they stop??

So true. CBB is a sham and the NCAA, while having been a joke for a long time, has become an even bigger joke.


I think a part of Larry’s troubles at Utah stems from the fact that he refuses to play dirty in the recruiting game against slime buckets like Miller. The number of guys Utah should have got but didn’t tells part of the tale. Losing Mannion to AZ smells a bit to me. I could say more but I won’t publicly anyway.


False. Larry’s problem is not an inability to bring talent. It is his unbelievable ability to push that talent away after a season or two.


Larry has lost a few guys, but aside from Daniels, who if the story is true punched a teammate and pushed a coach, and What’s his face that went to UNLV, none of the guys we lost were much of a loss.

To me the big issue is we’ve lost a couple of recruits to UA who were (if the stories are true) paid to go to UA.

Hell, the FBI has a recording of Miller talking about payments to a recruit and nothing has happened to him. He’s clearly still doing it and the NCAA just looks the other way.

I’m not giving Larry a pass but the kids leaving aren’t killing the program.


It’s not all stars leaving, but the hallmark of a healthy program of the likes of Utah (which isn’t Kentucky land of the one and dones) is to build a base of solid players that play all 4 years and then infuse it with a handful of stars. The fact that we are ‘rebuilding’ year in and out with one of the youngest teams in all of college basketball at this point of Kodiak’s career here is disturbing.

My opinion on this year is a big part of their problem is there is no senior leadership on the team to keep things calm, to help them make better passes, play better defense etc. Coaches can only do so much in that regard and young players need season players to emulate that and help them in their learning curve. We have basically none of that this year. And that is the result of the player carousel which lies solely on the shoulders of the coaching staff.


Yeah, you’re not wrong. I know the kids leaving are a problem but I’m not sure if it’s any worse here than at other places. So far only two of them are really good players.

But yeah, it’s not a healthy thing by any means.

This is the salient point, in my opinion. And why a lot of folks believe K3’s tenure has run its course.

An instructive exercise might be to look at other turnaround examples. Does it follow what we see? How long does it take, a decade for example? I have not seen that analysis by anyone yet.

Well said, Rocker. I think yours is the view shared by the biggest chunk of Ute fans.

So if we replace Larry K do we get someone who will pay players–so we can compete with the big boys?

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There would have been a time where I would have recoiled at this idea, but that was a long time ago before it became so common place and before it really sunk in how exploitative men’s D1 college basketball and football really are. Now I’m all in!!