Artemis Launch Delay - Will We Get Lucky?

NASA scrubbed the Artemis 1 flight this morning due to a liquid engine issue. If they can correct it, the next available launch window opens at 12:48pm EDT on Friday. Let’s hope so. What a treat to get to add that into a Florida visit. I’ve seen two Titan IV launches in person and one Space shuttle. This would be amazing to witness. A live launch should be on everyone’s bucket list.

I was up the coast at Daytona Beach for spring break March 1982 (not for partying, but for evangelizing with Campus Crusade for Christ), but while I was out on the beach one day, we saw the powerful roman candle type effect fire up into the sky from the Canaveral area.

FLip side of that is that I was watching the Challenger launch live while working on the male surgical ward at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Virginia )a patient had his own small set his family had brought. We all just stood frozen to the spot after watching the gian white explosion and the side rockets peeling away. That is one memory I wish I could expungte.

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I was in Ft. Carson cleaning equipment having just returned from down range the night before from field exercises. We were watching the launch on TV in the platoon common area and saw the explosion real time.

It was unreal, and something that I will never forget.

No need to look to the SE today if you’re in Florida. Another scrub for a different hydrogen leak.

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