Are NFL kickers juicing?

Kidding, sort of, but what’s going on lately? The longest field goal record stood for nearly 30 yards before anybody even got close. The last ten years it seems like every kicker has nailed 60 yarders, and now we’re up to 66? Reminds me of the McGwire/Sosa/Bonds era, but way less exciting.

If there is money involved… you would be naive to think PED’s aren’t being used. Whether it’s the classic anabolics or the newer designer PED’s, they have infiltrated every sport. These compounds have been manipulated to become virtually undetectable. The science of detection is always a step behind.

I understand, but young me would have busted a gut if you said that one day kickers will be roided up. I don’t know if it’s more a testament to our naivete about the potential of PED’s, or just how much of a cutthroat business sports have become. Probably a bit of both.


Yeah, I just remember that iconic image of Tom Dempsy with 1/2 a foot and that was debated at the time…