Apparently Dish, Sling and Fox work it out

I didn’t find a suitable solution to this, but fortunately didn’t miss any games. Anyone else tired of these disputes that only affect the viewers?

I am on DirecTV, and yes I am tired as hell of all this crap. We just got ABC back after having NBC gone for quite a while. The only ones hurt by this are we the customers. Each side blames each other. They are almost worse than Congress.

I recently ditched DirecTV. Had them at two houses since 1995 with NFL Sunday Ticket. They screwed me over and that’s it; I’m done forever with them. I told them I’ll listen to the radio before ever considering going back.

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This pissing match is ridiculous.

Also, the major networks setting up pay-for streaming networks is BS.

Asking me to pay for content outside of Amazon Prime and Netflix ain’t gonna happen.

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And Comcast still doesn’t have the ACC Network, so there’s that.

I have to say that I love Comcast even though I feel dirty saying so. Comcast is ever reliable for me. I cannot recall the last outage. The breadth of content is excellent. Because I live in an area where there is Google fiber, the cost is very reasonable. I could spend less but the ease and convenience are worth it for me.

Yeah, for all the criticism they take and other than the ACC thing, which I hope will get fixed and not turn into a DirecTV/Pac-12 N thing, I have rally liked them too.