App for UFN

Some have requested an app for UFN - there is one available to use with the core advantage over just the website being that it can send push notifications to your phone. I’m letting my bias in on this, but for me the mobile site works basically identically other than that, so I give it a big meh.

However it is now available to you if you want it. Just go to the site on a mobile device and click on the top banner to download the DiscourseHub app. From there when you add UFN, make sure you type it in as and not just because it isn’t smart enough to figure that little bit out. Another reason for the meh.

Anyway, ask and ye shall receive.

Will it mix drinks?

No, this is an application or an “app” for smart phones. Phones can’t mix drinks. Plus this is Utah.

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Can you help explain how apps might be exploited and how our data can be shared. Is it possible to build an app that collects zero data, or are you beholdent to a higher power, such as it is.

You’re right. What was I thinking?

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