AP has us at 13 after the loss to Florida

And Florida jumps from unranked to 12. Hate to find a silver lining in a loss, but that seems to be some respect for the Utes.

And if we really are good and can win out, we still have a shot at CFP. Who would have thought that sort of thing would be possible for Utah even 5 years ago?

I hope you are correct in our CFP potential still. I suspect we’ll have to do a bunch of “style points” wins. Guess we’ll see.


The polls at this point really don’t matter. I think the AP put UF a bit too high frankly. The new coaches polls seems better, but even at 19th, Florida might still be too highly ranked at this point. It was a good win obviously, but we were lucky in many ways.

Coaches poll

I think UF being 23rd or so is about right, but again, who really knows right now.


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Spanking Whoregon is going to be an expectation of the pollsters. That said, that beat down reminded me a lot of a “Ute Classic” WTF loss to UNLV. Ok, they were probably going to lose, but a beat down?

U$C at home is going to be a key game. If the Desert Scrubs hold it together, their visit is going to draw some eyeballs, too.

I have to agree with McElroy, our shot at making it into the final four just got really steep. Basically, we need to win out, win the CCG, and have Florida either win or come in second in the $EC East.

It will be a tough needle to thread given the competition. Our only gimme game is this Saturday with SUU…and it ain’t a gimme. This game is bowl season for the T-Birds. They may not have our talent, but they will want to beat an FBS ranked opponent ala being the giant killer.

Glad we didn’t fall out of the polls, but going back up is going to take something we haven’t done since 2008…win 12 games in a row.

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I agree. I was expecting a lot more east coast bias, disrespect for the P-12, blah, blah, blah. I think low teens is quite fair.

I was expecting “others receiving votes”.

I think that people who know college football (like coaches) respect a performance against a more talented team, on their home field in terrible heat and humidity, with 90,000 home fans screaming, that falls short on the last play of the game.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. Yes, I’m a Ute homer.