Anyway to merge all Ute communities?

It is nice being back to Utefans. Its been a long time and I enjoy the conversation. I can’t help but feel bad about how fractured the fan base is across message boards. I would love to see some kind of merger so that all communities were brought together and we could get more discussion in one spot.

Not sure how likely that is.

Honestly, I see pros and cons of each community out there (including this one - although I’m biased and think what we have built and what we CAN do with this community makes it the best).

I think the key is really us… We all know other Ute fans, invite them to join us, invite old board members that we’ve enjoyed back and most of all create great Ute based content. I think if we keep the tone positive here (we don’t need to be homers, of course) and participate the people will come.

That being said, I honestly believe that despite things fracturing after this site went into disrepair, that different communities serve different people and purposes. UteNation on FB is probably the easiest in that it is in the flow of what a lot of people are doing already. Places like are great for more in-depth discussion. Twitter is a great place for quick takes and fit guys like Mr Crimson. UteZone has great content and recruiting news.

In the future I’d love to have this be a place for original content and ‘insider info’. A thought I’ve had is to find some budding journalists who are in college and giving them a forum to write. We’d also like to reestablish some positive interaction with the school and athletics that have long since been severed.

Much to do, but as mentioned, start posting, start inviting and I think things will turn out great.


Invite Michelle Bodkin to post here. She writes excellent stuff for UteZone.

I know Tony put a lot of effort into Utehub. It would be nice to merge with that site too, as a lot of ufn folks landed there.


I think it would be tough. Each site has it’s own focus. Not to mention that both Ute Zone and Ute Nation are pay sites. This site and ute hub are direct competitors, so not likely to merge there.

Michelle is contractually obligated to Ute Zone, so I think she’s precluded from being too active here. I know Dan used to post here, but stopped as he became more involved with his own site.

I can ask her myself since I know her well but I just thought it might be better coming from the Site Admin rather than just me. I will see she says.

Once a fanbase gets big enough, I think it’s inevitable that there be multiple online communities. The larger the fanbase, the more likely it is that there are several active message boards. Hopefully, Utah’s fanbase is big enough to support more than one.


It’s also the easiest place to see that TDS fans have begrudgingly jumped on the Ute bandwagon