Anyone watch the Washington game?

I was driving back from out of town and listened to the second half on the radio. It sounded great. If you watched the game, what did you see?

Alfonso Plummer has turned into a star. Even made several nice defensive plays.
Pelle Larsson is really good. If he is not already better than Both Gach–he will be by year end. That looks like addition by subtraction–as he would be behind Plummer & Larsson.

They need to rebound better & find someone to back up Rylan. Good sign; he did not take a charge.
Lahat looks bigger, but still has no clue how to block out.

Feel bad for Brenchley as he might struggle to see the court.

Decent start–lot to like & potential is there.

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Really glad to hear about Plummer’s improved defense. Larry said that Alfonso’s defense was what kept the guy out of the lineup for most of last season.