Anyone up for a little basketball get together?

In lieu of the Night with the Running Utes, the exhibition game on nov. 4 @ 6:00 pm against Westminster will serve as the first introduction to the Craig Smith Utes. All seats are general admission and free. We should consider meeting at some location within the JMHC to watch and talk.

I’m interested.


Me too honestly.


Great idea. Count me in.

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This sounds like a great idea - I have a commitment, but let me see If I can change it…

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I’ll be there in spirit.

my jump shot has been outlawed in several states


why did they get rid of NWTRU?


I would guess a couple of reasons. It counts as one of the allotted practices and is pretty worthless from that standpoint. With Covid still in play, I don’t think they were going to let fans come down and meet players anyway. IMO, a free exhibition game is better.

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Hey, how’d you get video of my last practice session?

Too slow to be a guard, too short to be a center. But I’m a mean defender.

We might be able to get a particular space set aside for us at halftime or something like that… I will poke around.

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I’d love to, but I’ll be out of town.

I think we should definitely try and get this done.

I might join. Though, please note, I no longer possess a 35" vertical – still can post and shoot ok.

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Who wants to make this happen?

I would love to attend a basketball event like this in the future, but I had a commitment for tomorrow evening that I cannot rearrange. Next time - thanks!

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If tomorrow night is too soon, I think we can definitely plan to have an even better event for a game once the season starts. We just have to gauge the interest on the board to see if it’s something people want to do.

I will be there. If anyone wants to meet, let me know which section.

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I can’t make it tomorrow. But I’m up for doing a future game

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