Anyone have any inside info on tailgating spots that were lost due to the new building?

Does anyone have any inside information on what is going on with those that have been displaced due to the new building that was apparently built in the Guardsman lot? My father’s space was one of those that were lost and we have heard that they are trying to figure things out but I figured I would check to see if anyone here is in the know.

Last I saw was an email saying that they were losing 212 parking spots but that they were working to ensure all of the groups were accommodated. I am wondering if they will have the vehicles park in either the lot East of the stadium or in the institute lot with tailgating spots on the grass north of the Guardsman lot?

It was my understanding that they were going to contract with the Steiner Aquatic Center and use their parking lot for the displaced tailgate spots.


According to this it’s only 140 spots… take it for what you will.

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That is better than the first estimate I saw. I know that they have to accommodate grass spaces lost with the construction of the Golf facility as well. It is going to be interesting to see how they juggle everyone.

My dad just sent me a text message. Apparently We are going to be in the lot to the west of the stadium.

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That could be seen as an upgrade. Certainly closer to the stadium. Although if you like to mix and mingle with lots of different folks in the Guardsman lot being west of the stadium makes that a bigger challenge.

Yeah it’s a double edged sword for sure. My dad has the pass so I usually end up parking at the church on Guardsman. This is going to make that a bit more of a hike for sure.

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So apparently my dad was mistaken and they are actually putting us in the parking lot on the east side of the stadium and not the west. It also sounds like some are going the be at Steiner

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Ah So my first idea about the East parking lot was correct it seems. That is better than the West lot although not as much space there. There are a few groups tailgating in there already and putting the rest in Steiner makes sense. I always thought that East lot was under utilized anyway.