Anyone else see the comet NEOWISE?

We might need to leave town to catch a glimpse

planning to look for it tonight from northern bear lake county

I’ve tried a few different nights at various times (from right in the middle of Salt Lake Valley where light pollution is an issue) from a high point but not been successful yet.

Drove out to skull valley last night and got a couple pics

Pretty cool, and visible to the naked eye


What’s the ideal time to see it? Unfortunately being on call this weekend, need to stay in the SL Valley

between 10-11, just under the big dipper. The west side of the valley (south jordan, daybreak etc) might be the best bet if the skies are clear. Maybe even up by the GSL

We were thinking maybe solitude or Brighton

Its visible from my backyard in cottonwood heights, with binoculars.


I can see it from my backyard in Herriman, although it is very very faint to the naked eye. My cell phone had a much better time seeing it.

I got this one last week early in the morning when it was easier to see


Well done all!

We just drove to dell and seen it great with the naked eye(about 10:30pm)

In the other direction if you have a telescope you can see the rings of Saturn.