Anybody notice what Weber State did today?

They won @ Eastern Washington, who was previously undefeated. Huge victory for the Wildcats. Big props to them. Anyway, good lord Utah’s schedule this year has been crazy difficult. All 3 losses are on the road against quality teams who have a combined record of 18-4. Their overall opponents’ collective record is 33-18, w/only two of those opponents having losing records (USC and Weber, both of which are 3-4). That’s gotta be Top 10 in the country as per SOS.

Great win for Weber. They’ve had some tough early losses but they’ve all been to quality opponents and I think they win out.


No offense to Weber, they’re a fine FCS program but you can’t factor an FCS game into SOS in a way that boosts it. They shouldn’t even play FCS, in fact I don’t even count FCS games unless it’s a loss. In my mind the Utes are 3-3 right now.

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As long as the NCAA keeps allowing it, teams will keep playing level down games. Both FBS-FCS and FCS-D2 matchups.

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I’m not against them playing those games. It’s valuable practice and a very important cash injection for the fcs programs. I just think they should be considered what they are, exhibitions.


Wasn’t Weber supposed to be top 10 in FCS? I know they did so well in the playoffs two years ago that there was a lot of talk that they would be ranked #2 last year - but then they didn’t play.

I think they probably have the coaching and talent to be pretty good - but they’ve just been inconsistent. Hope they can get back to where they were pre-pandemic.

The 2020 FCS Season was postponed to Spring, and the playoffs happened in May. Weber lost in the first round, and Sam Houston beat S Dakota St. in the final.

2020–21 NCAA Division I FCS football season