Anybody mention Ty Jordan yet?

Guys like Jamal Anderson and Joe Williams (and even JW4 to an extent) are tough to rank given the shorter tenure and smaller body of work at the U. Zack Moss is the undeniable greatest Utah RB ever. But if Jordan stays healthy and keeps it up, he’ll shatter every Moss record and overtake him for that distinction.

Exactly. Like I said before, Jamal didn’t emerge as the featured back until game six of his senior year. Joe Williams had about 10 games as Utah’s feature back. Then you have Moss, Eddie Johnson, and Del Rodgers, who were three- or four-year starters.

I never felt as certain on short yardage downs as I did with booker. And nobody caught the ball as well as he did.

I don’t know exactly who the best back of all-time was at Utah, but my all-time favorite backfield was when we had John White back there with Shawn Asiata playing fullback. I never had more fun watching Utah football than when those two played together.

We’ve been spoiled with RBs at Utah. I’m not saying it’s luck, because a lot of work goes into evaluating those guys by the coaches, but we have been very fortunate to have such durable, talented guys for so long!

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