Anybody else seeing this strange phenomenon?

There appears to be some white stuff falling from the sky. Kind of flaky looking… enough to accumulate on my lawn. Is this the end of times?

I could make a political joke, but will refrain. :wink:

my guess is that the inversion has solidified and gravity is pulling it down in small chunks


It had just barely started when I left on my run this morning. Not enough to accumulate, but enough for it to sort of hang and reflect in the air. Looked like I was running through iridescent crystals…it was really beautiful.

Early AM runs do occasionally have their benefits, I suppose. :slight_smile:


Is it safe to touch? Should I keep my kids home from school?

go to Spotify and search ‘Joe Rogan’ or do your own research


If you’re here in Ea NC, yes, for the next week or so. That would be in spite of the fact that it all melts in a day or 2.