Anybody else glad to not be playing in the Peach Bowl right now?

LSU can do no wrong. They come up short on third down but get a 15 yard penalty. Gain 20 on the next play for 1st down then the next play Burrows hits Jefferson for his 4th TD catch. They’re fantastic today.

Utah would have held up better. Not saying they’d win, but certainly would not have coughed up 35 points in the first half.


Very impressive performance so far

Yeah, I still think this year’s team is better than OU. We just had a really bad day against Oregon. So, I agree our Utes would do better against LSU. We’ll never really know, but I’m almost certain that our team would do better than OU.

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42 now. Wow.

BTW, remember no Blackmon or Hubert, but we’d have Johnson. Might not be able to cover well enough.

Can they invoke a mercy rule and get on with the 2nd game?

Hell no, play good teams to get better.


I guess I’m just on a three straight post season games I’ve travelled to where we’ve come away disappointed. Kind of tired of it.


First half highlights for OU.


After seeing the final score. I’m POSITIVE that our Utes could have done much better than OU. Give Whit a month and the team is normally ready for a big game. OU, IMO deserves the moniker, Chokelahoma.


Games like that one are why you get the committee sometimes choosing two teams from the same conference.

You’re right. I think we should hope for 2 SEC teams from now on so we can avoid this issue. Very insightful as usual.


I felt pretty good about OU getting decimated.

There were two OU fans sitting in front of me in full OU gear at the CU game. They were listening to the OK St/OU game, and were nice enough, but I thought their presence and appearance was somewhat tacky. So I thought of them last night as OU was getting humiliated on national television.

I think our D gives them a better game, but I really don’t see the Utes beating LSU. I will be rooting for Clemson in the title game because of a former acquaintance who cheers for the Tigers. He’s also a zoob defender and apologist. He deserves to lose.

I do recall LSU fans being very nice and complimentary of us after owning Bama in New Orleans 10 years ago. That is my sole positive experience with SEC fans.

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@Steggys_Mixtapes I’m not sure that our Utes would’ve beaten LSU, but I am positive that we would have done better than OU. It looked like OU just rolled over and let LSU do what they wanted.

All this being said, we’ll never know for certain if our Utes would have been better than OU. Regardless, I think I’ll cheer for LSU because it’s someone different than Clemson or 'Bama winning for the last several years. I don’t really care about either team, just want something different.

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If Blackmon is healthy I think we have a shot to keep it close.

OU wasn’t very impressive during the regular season and everyone knew it.


Last time they did 2 SEC teams both won the first round. Also, not advocating for it this season. Just stating how the “conference champs” argument is flawed.

Then let’s just go back to the bcs if conference championships don’t mean anything. Expand the damn playoff. P5 champs and three at large bids.


I am for 16 teams and all 10 conference champs. That said, this year really is three teams.

I agree that I am glad we didn’t play in the Peach Bowl. I think that LSU would have curb stomped us as well. The difference is that where OU is a blue blood, nobody questions that loss. Had we made it, It would have just renewed the argument that Utah (and to a lesser extent the PAC12) is not ready to compete with the big boys. Fair or not, correct or not, that is what I expect would have happened.



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