Andrew Bogut Officially Retires

Greatest Australian basketball player of all time. On Australia’s Mt Rushmore with Bon Scott, Elle Macpherson, and Mick Dundee.


What I’ll always remember about Bogut at Utah was how he made everyone around him better with his passing ability. He was also able to make Ray Giacoletti look competent for one season.


“That’s not a knife…”

His passing was sensational. Also, Sparc Jackson coming back helped Giac look competent as well.

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I used to yell “now that’s a knife” every time Bogut would dunk.


Phenomenal passer. Will always remember the tourney game against Oklahoma where he was around the foul line area being double teamed and kept on passing down to teammates for uncontested layups.

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I have always wondered how his game would have been had Majerus been here to coach him more than 10 games or whatever it was. Also, he was actually supposed to arrive for the '02-'03 season but it didn’t work out. That would have been a great team!

Or how his NBA career would have unfolded if his elbow hadn’t…folded…shudders

I wouldn’t wonder too much. Remember, Giacoletti had to basically go down under and re-recruit him because Bogut wasn’t too happy after his first year.

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