An interview with Dawkins re: the NCAA coaches bribery scandal, featuring Sean Miller

If anyone in that process has a hair on their ass they should be firing those coaching staffs en masse. Further, the NCAA should be putting a “bar to hire” on all of them. The fact that Pitino is rocking a comeback, given all the bad ■■■■ he did - some of it being involved in this case, is a system failure.

That said, everyone but the bottom actors in this tragedy will walk.

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Watched the documentary last night. Very enjoyable to watch, but for anyone thinking this was going to take down Sean Miller, they are gonna be sorely disappointed. The main lesson from the documentary, and it’s a pretty well done documentary making it almost undeniable, that NCAA is morally bankrupt and is the modern equivalent of slavery. The secondary lesson is that the deep state in collusion with the NCAA will do whatever it takes to try to maintain the status quo, including trying to entrap high profile coaches. It’s hilarious and sad that one of Dawkins conviction was to defraud the University of Louisville by ruining the eligibility of a recruit.

As someone that for quite a while now has believed that it is simply immoral for the NCAA to make billions of dollars while maintaining a model that makes it illegal for the performers to get even a tiny slice, I felt like Dawkins came off as sympathetic. And as much as it kills me, because I hate Sean Miller, it did him no damage at all, and if anything, it probably raises his status in the eyes of any potential players or parents who can easily see him as doing his part to make sure his players get a piece of the pie.


I watched most of it and I agree with you. Sean Miller didn’t look as bad as I thought he would. And with the NCAA making billions of dollars and expecting the athletes to work for free, that looks awful for the NCAA.

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Yup, the NCAA looks turible. My one hope for the Documentary is that it turns the opinion of many like my younger friends that are sports fanatics, love to sports bet, and are terrified that rule changes will decimate NCAA sports. I think there are a lot of them in the 30ish age range that grew up in a golden age of NCAA sports. I grew up when it was just blossoming from the seed that Larry & Magic sewed at the Special Events Center. But it really hit it’s peak in the 2000s, but now it’s overgrown/overblown riddled with excesses at the top, back channels to the bottom made up of a large black market of leeches in the middle.

If we’ve learned one thing in this country, it should be that prohibitions do not curb demand nor supply, they simply put that whole market under the table. So I look at it this way, if NCAA sports can’t continue if we pay players, then it shouldn’t. I’ll miss it as much as anyone, but it’s simply not right.

So I want them to see that their opinion is ridiculous selfishness. It’s a choice to support a combination of black market corruption and servitude for your own enjoyment, and that is icky. Sorry if that hits too close to home for some of you, but then again, I’ve not been shy about getting on your bad side in the past.

Documentary was almost comical–that Dawkins was the criminal & the FBI spent all that money & then didn’t have the nuts to prosecute the big name coaches. I had little doubt that Miller was dirty, but he is a piker compared to Will Wade of LSU. Miller is a liar, but the best part is when he was trying to be “a brother” when talking to Dawkins. What a clown. In a recent 1280 interview Larry K said it was the ADs who were really the problem–they know who they are hiring & then do nothing. He also said it might be worse now because coaches know they can cheat & nothing will happen.
AZ, USC, Ore, per the documentary for sure were paying & knowing Alford & Hurley–UCLA & AZ ST too. Washington–probably. That is half the Pac-12. Maybe Larry K should be congratulated for finishing in top 1/2 when the Utes are following different rules than everyone else. Or should we be upset with Chris Hill for hiring someone who won’t cheat?
And will it change with no more 1 & done?—1 of the coaches told Dawkins he could pay more than the G League.

I am disappointed in Hill for not hiring someone that would be willing to get the players what they are owed. System is fully exploiting them. You call it cheating, and technically it is, but the reality is that a bunch of comfortable wealthy people are exploiting young athletes.