An exercise in reflection…

There was a thread begun in October 2021 (pre the first CC) that talked about Whit, his retirement and the next head coach. Unfortunately the thread was closed but I’d be interested if those that participated still have the same thoughts and opinions on the topic, or have the last 15 months changed your mind?

I will not be surprised if Whit decides to retire after the Rose Bowl. The strength of the program has been continuity of the coaching staff. The Utah program is a well-oiled machine not in need of a new and/or different approach. I think there are three coaches who could continue the program, Scalley, Harding and Jay Hill. Hiring from within does not guarantee continued success, but I think it gives us the best chance of maintaining what has been achieved. Whoever follows Whit will only be successful if Ute fans embrace NIL at a level that allows us to compete for recruits.

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