Am I the only person who thinks Tesla makes some pretty blah if not downright ugly looking cars?

I’m saying this because of the recent pick-up truck unveil and how people seem to instantly recoil and then reconsider and say, “It’s kinda cool…” No, it is just goofy and ugly.

I’ve felt this way about Tesla since it’s inception. Their sports car, which is by far their best looking car, if it came from any other manufacturer would be laughed at for how blah it is. About as cool as a Miata. Their other vehicles are straight up ugly but get a pass from people because, well, it is a Tesla.

It is the official car in my area of the post-midlife-crisis 50/60 something.

Now if we are talking cool looking electric truck… Rivian.

Who’s buying Tesla for design though? The only reason I even look at them is my hope that Toyota or some other manufacturer gets a 500 mile range electric car (like the top end of his new truck). I appreciate the pushing of the industry to go electric.

That said, I have never been interested in the look of the car and you are right. It’s about technology. I even like the idea (price needs to be better) on the solar roof and battery for home.

Funny you say that…living in the PNW they are about as common as a Chevy so I see them all the time. Every time I see an Model X I feel like it solves the mystery of where the designers of the Pontiac Aztec ended up…

The model S is the only reasonably designed one but when you have less style changes than Volvo, that is a problem…It is dated and now looks like just about every other sedan that has copied its design since its inception

Model S is a pretty good looking car.

Model X - meh, looks ok with the right color/wheels and dark tint.

Model 3 - butterface

Model Y - seems to have potential

Roadster old and new - old was essentially a lotus, new one looks sweet

That truck? WTF

I only buy used cars that are at least 10 years old…so I’ll check it out in 2030.

Just remember the “pregnant skateboard” that was the VW Beetle. An UAF vehicle that became a legacy.

It looks like an oversized Aztek. If you want to be the laughingstock of the road and instantly labelled a massive douchenozzle, then it’s the vehicle for you.

Every time I look at the video of that Tesla truck, I keep expecting Doc Brown to pop out from the driver’s side screaming, “Marty, we have to go! There’s something terribly wrong with your grandchildren!”

Why didn’t they make it out of carbon if they were going to design it to defeat radar?
It looks like it was designed by preppers.

The fact that they didn’t test this beforehand gives me serious misgivings about where things are headed at Tesla. It also makes me think that it’s a one-off concept. The Rivian is dead sexy and the Bollinger has an OK retro Land Rover Defender look to it (but 125k is absurd). If the electric F150 and GM’s electric truck come in competitively priced, Tesla is screwed.

Preppers couldn’t design a tuna fish sandwich. That’s why they’re preppers.

Their sports car was a Lotus Elise that they converted to an EV. The Lotua Elise originally came with a 2.2L Toyota engine.

I’m a truck guy, but I’ll stick with RAM thank you. But, my wife is interested. Other than being “blah” how’s the ride? If nothing else, the 0-60 is impressive.

The best that your tax dollars cab buy for someone else!

At least it isn’t a Yugo.

You are not. I think it’s at best bland. It’s the reason why I made some changes.

That’s really nice justaute. She’s likes the gray on white leather. I guess we should just take one for a weekend.

Thanks. Go do a test drive on a Friday/Saturday and often they’ll let you keep it for the weekend. The car has its own set of issues, but I like it. Build quality could be better. Design could be better. Not going to a gas station is a positive. As EV industry is still in its nascent stage, it’ll get much better in both the vehicle itself and infrastructure.

It’s my first EV. In general, I think people are closed minded. I never cared for the “sound” of an auto or a motorcycle. Although Tesla truck design is controversial, it doesn’t bother me at all – especially if it has the right spec. I do like Rivian, and almost put down a deposit – and I like its ceo better than Musk; still, some change from traditional design cues is welcome.