Am I the only one

Who thinks it’s funny that TDS fans are questioning Utah’s strength of schedule? Are these the same people who worship at the altar of 1984?

Also being a Californian, I don’t think much of anything that comes from TDS fans. It’s clear that it’s 100% pure, unfiltered, organic envy.


Most of them now days weren’t even born before 1984. Yet they’ll still claim to be part of it. And it is ironic that they are questioning our schedule when they are on it, and that in 1984 they played no one who finished in the Top 25.


No pity for the green-eyed kitties. Isn’t envy a sin?

I don’t remember the last time I ran into a BYU grad in any context other than visiting Utah. Not thinking about them is super good for you. :slight_smile: