Am I reading too much into this tweet?

Well we definitely smoked U$C.

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We can always hope.

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Brant Kuthie coming back next year. Confirmed!!


Don’t tease me.

I wasn’t reading too much into it until I saw the comments from people like his mom and utah athletics then his instagram post (same thing) and players like CP3 commenting 3 rings… Maybe we’ll get another year of Kuithe. I think it makes sense for him to come back as a WR or a slot WR, he’s a tweener TE in the NFL IMO

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CP3 is talking 3 rings??? Thought he was going to declare for the draft.

CP3 is definitely gone, but he commented 3 rings on Kuithe’s post - implying Kuithe is coming back.

*edit, i’ll correct myself. Kincaid posted 3 rings and a question mark. CP3 asked 3 peat?

(Brant Kuithe on Instagram: "Winning just makes you want to do it again 😏 #goutes")


Perfect- transfer from little bro to come play with little bro. :wink: