Altman and Oregon

Wow! Just wow! I’m not a fan of Oregon sports; in fact, I resent the hell out of them.

But this really stood out to me:

What a way to call out the administration and the fans.

…Welcome to the rest of the NCAA that is playing in the NIT?


It’s this kind of NITpicking that is really turning me off of college basketball.


Meanwhile last night in Orem, Utah Valley in front of a packed house and very boisterous crowd beat Cincinnati to earn their way to the NIT semi-finals.


Just remember at UVU the only thing they have is MBB, and they play in a smallish arena. Most of their other athletic teams aren’t very good…and no football.

Glad the got a turnout and they are on their way to the NIT Final Four. The truth is they should’ve been in the NCAA Tournament. Sometimes playing in a one bid league sucks.


A few co-workers who have ties to the school are thrilled. They’ve won the regular season a few times, but haven’t ever been able to win their conference tourney to get into the big dance. In the semifinal this year, blew a large lead to SUU and gave up a 4 point play with a few seconds left to lose by 1 (oops).

Announcers said it was the first time they have ever hosted a nationally televised game.